Mobile Hearing Tests

Have your staff tested onsite

Our Mobile hearing test clinics can conduct hearing tests at your premises minimising downtime.

Mobile Hearing Test Clinics

Any Employee working in a noisy environment that may damage their hearing must have a hearing test categorised to HSE standard.

To comply with legal obligations under the Controlling Noise at Work and Management of Health & Safety at Work regulations, all employees who work in a noisy environment must be provided with suitable hearing protection. They should also be provided with a hearing test to prove the effectiveness of the company’s Hearing Conservation measures.

On site hearing tests in a purpose built mobile clinic with sound-proofed audiometry booths.

Convenient and cost effective service to comply with your legal obligations under the Noise at Work Regulations. Employees away from their workstation for the shortest possible time.

Full audiometric test, to the standard expected by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Results categorised to the HSE Guidance:
Cat. 1 Hearing within normal limits no further action required
Cat. 2 Mild hearing impairment formal notification of mild hearing deficit. Written advice given
on importance of hearing protection and implications of further deterioration.
Cat. 3 Poor hearing level referral to General Practitioner in the first instance.
Cat. 4 Rapid hearing loss referral to General Practitioner in the first instance.
Unilateral hearing loss, usually a medical problem. Referral to General Practitioner.

Questionnaire, including a full history of medical problems, and previous noise exposure in previous occupations, leisure elsewhere we will conduct a hospital standard screening test in our sound proofed booth.

Direct viewing of the structure of the ear by otoscopic examination to detect infection, previous injury or disease of the ear.

Results discussed with the employee, advice given on hearing protection and full summary of results provided to the Employer in a form designed for easy analysis.

Personal Record Form for each Employee’s work records, updated on each Health Surveillance visit.

More information can be found on the HSE website (search Noise at Work on the HSE website for industry specific advice or general advice and Guidance Notes.

If you need a Health and Safety Consultant to conduct risk assessments to identify Employees at risk within your company we are happy to recommend Consultants who can provide this service for you.

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