Mobile Dermatitis & Skin Condition Checks

Our mobile clinic staff can conduct visual skin inspections and report on any conditions no matter how mild or otherwise.

Mobile Dermatitis Checks

Skin Condition Assessment

Skin problems are common in most industries though workers in some industries are far more likely to develop skin problems.

  • The staff on our mobile clinics will conduct a visual skin inspection and will ask about any history of skin problems, current, recent or past and any known causes occupational or from leisure activities.
  • Any Employee with a current or repeating skin problem, undiagnosed, will be directed to visit their GP in the first instance and the Employer will be notified on our Health Surveillance Summary.
  • All Employees will be instructed to report any skin problems, no matter how mild in appearance, to their Responsible Person, Manager or Supervisor, at any time in the future.
  • We will help you to identify any causes of skin problems in the workplace and can offer advice on how best to eliminate or reduce the risk.
  • We can offer advice, from our Occupational Nurse, on how to set up an effective Skin Conservation Programme for your Company.

The HSE website has an excellent section on skin problems and advice specific to the higher risk industries. (search Skin at Work on the HSE website for industry specific advice or general advice and Guidance Notes)

If you need a Health and Safety Consultant to conduct risk assessments to identify Employees at risk and the skin hazards within your company we are happy to recommend Consultants who can provide this service for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01925 600344 if you need further information on our services