Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome Mobile Checks

Our mobile clinic staff can conduct on-site hand arm vibration syndrome tier 2 assessments a convenient and cost effective way to comply with legal obligations. 

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) assessments

All employees who may be exposed to vibration from hand held tools or other sources above action levels must receive Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome HAVS health surveillance

Hand-arm vibration syndrome refers to changes in sensory perception, permanent muscle weakness, numbness of fingers, or bouts of white finger blanching caused by working with vibrating tools. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is also a recognised symptom of vibration injury.

If detected early enough, changes to work practices may prevent mild symptoms from getting worse and eventually becoming a disability.

  • On-site HAVS Tier 2 assessments in a purpose built mobile clinic.
  • Convenient and cost effective way to comply with legal obligations.
  • Employees will be away from their workstation for the shortest possible time but will receive a full assessment, to the standard expected by the Health and Safety Executive.
  • Comprehensive questionnaire history of medical problems, previous vibration exposure in work, leisure etc.
  • Instruction to Employees on how to reduce the hazards associated with vibration injury and the signs and symptoms to look out for.
  • If any employee displays signs or reports symptoms which may be related to vibration injury their results will be reviewed, free of charge, by our Occupational Nurse. We can then advise the employer on the Employee’s fitness to work or where suitably qualified Occupational Nurses and Doctors may be found for further assessment.
  • Any health and safety implications identified by the tests will be discussed with the Employer on completion of the health surveillance.
  • Results discussed with the employee, advice given on hearing protection and full summary of results provided to the Employer in a form designed for easy analysis and presentation for audit or HSE inspection.
  • Personal Record Form for each Employee’s work records, updated on each Health Surveillance visit.
    More information regarding HAVS can be found on the HSE website www.HSE.Gov.uk (search Hand-Arm Vibration at Work on the HSE website for industry specific advice or general advice and Guidance Notes)

If you need a Health and Safety Consultant to conduct risk assessments to identify Employees at risk within your company we are happy to recommend Consultants who can provide this service for you.

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