Biological Monitoring

Have your staff monitored

Biological monitoring tests for exposure to certain chemicals.

We do this by the measuring the amount of a chemical metabolites present in the urine.

Biological Monitoring, urine test for isocyanate.

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure their control measures are effective for painters, mixers, sprayers and other workers possibly exposed to isocyanate based paints, glues and resins.

• Biological Monitoring is the only sure and objective method of determining whether your control measures to prevent employee exposure to isocyanate are effective.
• Samples must be taken within 2 hours of any employee working in an area or on a process where exposure to fumes from isocyanate based products may be possible.
• MedProtect will provide a booking form for you to get informed consent from employees to conduct the test of their urine sample for the metabolites of isocyanate.
• When we receive your completed booking form we will send you the kits by post and once the samples have been collected you just post the kits back in our postage paid envelopes.
• We will send you the results, by email and advise you of any measures required for any samples indicating that there has been exposure.
• Our kits are easy to use and the instructions are easy to follow but we have a helpline if you have any queries or need further information.
• MedProtect customers can take advantage of our discounted rate for analysis.

If you have any queries please just ring us on 01925 600344 or email

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